In 2009, Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) constituted Primary Health Care Revitalization Division (PRD), a new division, under the Department of Health Services (DoHS). PHCRD division will assume the mantle to revitalize PHC in Nepal by addressing emerging health challenges in close collaboration with the other DoHS divisions and different supporting actors. The division will make inroads into translating the constitutionally stipulated fundamental right of basic free health care into practice by addressing the disparities in health service delivery and promoting equitable health services. The following are the objectives of PHCRD:

  • To provide free basic health service to all citizens as stated in the law.
  • To ensure easy access of health services.
  • To provide quality health services.
  • To provide health services to urban poor, vulnerable and marginalized, and for people with disability.
  • To achieve the Health sector MDGs by making the delivery of free health care services effective.
  • To develop future program and strategies commensurate with regular monitoring and evaluation of free health care services.
  • To implement health insurance.
  • To implement program ensuring citizens right to clean environment.
  • To mobilize community participation for cooperation at local level.

Background and Scope

Primary Health Care Revitalization Division (PHCRD) functions for expanding the coverage of primary health services in an equitable manner particularly by addressing the needs of disadvantaged and unreached population groups. Basic health services delivered through primary health care providers are generally cost effective by nature and can directly contribute for improved health status and higher life expectancy. Areas of concern that the primary health care hasto address are: growing burden of non-communicable diseases, inequitable access to healthcare services, limited range of service availability at lower tier of health facilities and rapid commercialization of the basic health services. PHCRD strives to strengthen the gate keeping functions at the lower level of public health facilities while enhancing the capacity of District Health Offices and Municipalities to develop local health systems that are responsive and accountable to clients’ needs. As mandated by the Constitution of Nepal, the division plays an instrumental role in expanding the reach of basic health services at across the country, particularly focusing on urban areas while also introducing service packages that are focused on prevention of NCDs. The division also facilitates continuum of care across preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative components of health services.

Programme Components

1. National Free Health: Expand outreach services, free basic health services; community health units
2. Social Health Protection: Promote good governance in health through social audit
3. Urban and Environmental Health: Expand and strengthen primary care to people living in urban areas in collaboration with MoFALD and municipalities
4. Non-communicable Diseases: Pilot and expand PEN package for NCD focusing on cardio vascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and mental health.

Staff Members

  • Sagar Dahal
    Sr. PHA
    Mob: 9851193947

  • Sudip Ale
    Public Health Officer
    Mob: 9849301365

  • Kashinath Shrestha
    Section Officer
    Mob: 9842029322

  • Kumar Paudel
    Section Officer
    Mob: 9844035878

  • Bijaya Kranti Shakya
    Public Health Officer
    Mob: 9843742007

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Director Message

Website of PHCRD is a stepping stone to unearth new avenues of information concerns of stakeholders and different actors. This website will try to bridge information gap between different actors in regard to the activities of our organization. I welcome you all to provide invaluable feedback and suggestions to make this website beneficial to everyone concerned.

Bhogendra Raj Dotel


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  Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal

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